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We're Smarter

The McDonald Group is a privately-owned company established in 1893. As the industry’s only wholly integrated asset manager, we are uniquely positioned to manage print and digital solutions across client organisations.

Our single-minded focus is on proactively streamlining clients’ print production, and offering technology-driven solutions to drive business efficiencies.

McDonald has established itself as one of the largest companies in our industry, delivering innovative multichannel workflow solutions to clients throughout Australia and Asia.

Our procurement, marketing and production clients operate across professional services, government, mining and energy, hospitals and aged care sectors.

Each day we tackle the issues that dominate our clients’ workplaces:

  • Procurement
  • Print and digital management solutions
  • Digital change
  • Customer experience
  • Inventory efficiencies
  • Workflow
  • Logistics
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We manage

We deliver clarity and control to clients through intelligent records management systems and visitor/ contractor access control systems.

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We solve

We tackle the relentless pressures in balancing cost, control and efficiency for our clients across their entire print and digital workflow.

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We empower

Our leading edge brand asset and management processes guarantee consistent, seamless delivery, cost savings and operational efficiencies without compromising quality.

The traditional business model of the print organisation is changing. Successful integrated asset managers, like McDonald, are supplementing our core ink-on-paper operations with a broader range of services – driven by innovation, technology and superior customer service. We are forging a new delivery model with a range of print and digital services designed specifically for our clients.

We’re smarter together. Let’s get started.