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The trusted name of McDonald Group is synonymous with quality and reliability.

McDonald Group specialises in the manufacture of healthcare records: covers, dividers, forms, filing clips and labels along with plastic and PVC products.

Qualified consultants are available to provide advice and assistance with the design, development and delivery of any size of solution.

Various Medical Record Covers

Medical Record Covers

  • Terminal digit coded covers
  • Plain covers
  • Private practice covers
  • Single colour coded covers
  • Psychiatric covers
  • Bedside folders
  • McDonald can match your existing cover style & terminal digit numeric colour system
  • McDonald hold a range of standard medical record covers in stock at all times
  • Gusset clip sets, adhesive tube clip sets, foam clips, perm clips & Spring clip options
  • McDonald can deliver fully assembled ‘ready to use’ medical record covers with dividers, admission forms and clips installed
  • Compliance with Australian standard AS2828 paper-based health records
Medical Record Tab Dividers

Medical Record Dividers

  • Admission dividers
  • Resident record dividers
  • Intake dividers
  • Correspondence dividers
  • Outpatient, Diagnostic, ECT, Emergency, Legal, Medication, etc
  • Blank dividers
  • Mylar coating available inhouse to strengthen the tabs and ensure they securely stand the test of time
  • Mylar coating available in clear and a vast range of colours
  • Mylar strip reinforcing available inhouse – this plastic coating gives your divider longevity and eliminates the risk of tearing
  • Compliance with Australian standard AS2828 paper-based health records
Clinical Forms - Community Falls Assessment and Management Plan

Clinical Forms

  • Patient admission forms
  • Discharge referral/summary forms
  • Consent & legal forms
  • Progress notes and reports – medical, nursing and allied health
  • Assessments and care plans, including history, nursing care plans and rating scales
  • Pre-, Intra- and Post-operative documentation (including anaesthetic documentation)
  • Observation charts, for example general, neurological and fluid balance summaries
  • Medication forms
  • Mylar strip reinforcing available inhouse – this plastic coating gives your document longevity and eliminates the risk of tearing
  • Compliance with Australian standard AS2828 paper-based health records
TD Numbering Chart

Medical Record Labels

  • Terminal Digit numeric labels – matching Australian standard AS2828 paper-based health records
  • Custom made terminal digit numeric labels – McDonald can match your existing Terminal Digit numeric colour system
  • Medical alert labels
  • Year labels
Additive labels

Medical Labels

  • Route line labels
  • Equipment labels
  • Line labels
  • Syringe labels
  • Additive labels
  • Sterile labels
  • Compliance with health commission standards
Health labels

Non-Medical Labels

  • Health professional labels (Allied Health)
  • Custom-made patient ID labels – Dry edge

Imprest Stock Management

McDonald offers a market-leading approach to inventory management within our clients’ premises across Australia, through our proprietary Imprest Stock Management system. Imprest is provided to client utility areas, print rooms, records departments and hospital wards to allow for the efficient management of consumable stock.

Under the Imprest process:

  1. Desired levels of consumables and their location are entered into the system
  2. McDonald staff regularly assess and record stock levels
  3. Orders are automatically generated to replenish stores when volumes drop below designated levels.

Stocktake and refill data is provided back to our clients to enhance their decision-making abilities, generating improved cost savings and efficiencies.

Imprest delivers:

  1. Visibility of product availability in the correct quantity and location
  2. Accurate and timely information on stock levels, status and location
  3. Reduced back orders
  4. Higher fill rates

Online catalogue - McDonald SmartShare delivers:

  • Secure access to job data, including recent orders and jobs in progress
  • An online view of inventory levels showing pricing, current stock, in production
  • An online catalogue of finished goods with simple navigation and search capability
  • Online access to accounts/cost centres
  • Extensive report writing facility
  • Multiple user logins per client and administration options

Hospitals & Healthcare

McDonald Print Custom TD Labels - 10 kinds SC031
TD Numbering Chart

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